Education at PMTS

In addition to the quality exhibitors you’ll see on the PMTS show floor, you’ll also have the chance to expand your knowledge.
Showfloor Demos

A hallmark of PMTS is the live demonstrations offered by a variety of machine tool builders in the exhibit hall.


The demonstrations allow attendees to see machines in action and ask questions of the presenter and other technology experts.

Tech Talks

PMTS Tech Talks are brief, interactive presentations held on the show floor. Intimate and limited in size, Tech Talks are led by industry experts and leading equipment suppliers. They offer unique opportunities for deeper learning about specific products and process technologies, which translates to a better ROI and more ideas about how to improve your processes.

PMPA Tech Sessions

PMTS 2021 will offer attendees a variety of educational sessions, providing an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest technologies from the most respected experts in the precision machining industry. Hosted by the Precision Machined Products Association, these sessions give attendees the chance to experience some of the benefits of PMPA membership at no additional cost.


The show floor is packed with a robust list of exhibitors, all who have been working hard to perfect their processes and new technology over the past two years. 

Download a PDF of the current PMTS exhibitors. Click the link below and select Exhibitor PDF List under Shortcuts.


Happy Hours

Cap off Tuesday and Wednesday with a Happy Hour on the show floor! 

4:00 — 5:00 pm each day


Scavenger Hunt

Use the all-new PMTS Mobile App to visit exhibitors and complete the onsite scavenger hunt for your chance to win a GLADIATOR 41-INCH / 15-DRAWER

Tool Chest Combo

Gladiator_toolbox_1 copy 2.png

The Parts Cleaning Conference is Co-located at PMTS!

Registering for the Parts Cleaning Conference grants you full access to everything PMTS has to offer as well!